Our Payroll Service

Why Brisk & Co?
Are you thinking of the stress of submitting Real Time information and Auto enrolment for workplace pension contributions? Yes, we understand your pain and you are not alone.

Processing Payroll is one of the most important tasks carried every month to ensure your hardworking staff are paid accurately and on time to keep them happy.

It can be very difficult in achieving this especially for the finance department which can be overly demanding and difficult as the finance team have other high priority reports that need to be produced and circulate within the management team.

Here are some of the matters that are normally dealt with within to remain compliant. Dealing with leavers, joiners, pensions, bonuses, annual tax code changes, holiday pay, pensions, statutory sick pay, maternity are just kind of a complex and being compliant is obligatory.

We have a flexible and more efficient payroll service we offer for all businesses no matter your size. Our prices are very competitive with no hidden charges. Everything would be explained to you from the very beginning.

You just tell us about your payroll cycle and when to run your payroll, we will do the rest by ensuring all your employees are accurately paid on your stipulated date. Essentially, we will be your virtual Payroll Manager.