At Brisk & Co, we have the expertise which would give you that piece of mind and the luxury to outsource all your bookkeeping chores and burden to us.

With the advancement of technology, cloud computing is becoming the future and this has over the years helped us with maintaining our clients’ filing systems. You will be able to gain access to your records from anywhere in the world and that service is only a call away. We have the technology that has made it much easier for our clients to only come to see us when the need arises which as a result have saved them hours and hours of travelling to drop off and pick up documents from our office.

As technology keeps evolving and ever changing, we are constantly looking for new, much improved and advanced systems that will suit our clients’ needs….

We also provide bookkeeping services at a very competitive rate so you can focus your energy solely on the most important tasks.
We will come to your premises to pick up, drop off files or assign a staff to work from your office premises to save you the hassle if you so wish.

Data migration from your current bookkeeping software to a new one would be a pain-free experience. Data conversion and file transfer will become one less of your worries as we have the expertise to ensure your records are preserved through a safe and controlled migration process.
Be it, QuickBooks, Sage Line 50, Sage Accounts, Xero we have the expertise.

All you need to do is, just ask one of our team and we will be able to help you.