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August Online Service Updates

What’s new in our plethora of tax online services? Steve Savory summarises the highlights. The new 2018/19 edition of Tax Planning is particularly welcome at a time when it seems that tax practitioners are beset by an onslaught of technical and procedural change. As General Editor Mark McLaughlin remarks in his Preface to the new edition, ‘Finance Act 2017, Finance ... Read More The post August Online Service Updates appeared first on Bloomsbury Tax Online.

The employment status minefield

Employment status is a hot topic with government consultations underway in 2018 on the issues of employment status and IR35 in the private sector. Add this to the changes that were made in IR35 in the public sector in 2017, the amendment to the agency legislation and subsequent reporting requirements that were imposed in 2014 and 2015 respectively, and this ... Read More The post The employment status minefield appeared first on Bloomsbury Tax Online.

Scottish taxes are far from simple

Striving for simplicity Professional bodies such as ICAS have long campaigned for taxes to be simplified. But while taxpayers in Scotland pay a wide variety of disparate taxes, simplification is a concept that means different things to different audiences. Some taxes – such as inheritance tax, capital gains tax and (if you call them a tax) national insurance contributions – ... Read More The post Scottish taxes are far from simple appeared first on Bloomsbury Tax Online.